How Do I Choose a Psychiatrist in San Jose and Los Gatos, CA?

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From the practical, “Does insurance cover them?” to the personal, “Am I comfortable with them?” Many factors go into choosing the right psychiatrist. If you or a loved one is already struggling with mental health, it can feel overwhelming. Asking yourself a few questions can help narrow your potential psychiatrist choices to those who are right for you.

Does My Insurance Cover a Psychiatrist?

Most insurance plans cover care from a psychiatrist to some degree. The services covered, co-pays, and covered providers vary depending on your insurance plan. Visiting your insurance company’s website will help you find a psychiatrist who accepts your insurance. Sites like and also allow you to filter for providers who take your insurance or have other qualifications you are looking for.

What Psychiatric Services Do I Need?

The services you need will help narrow your search for the perfect psychiatrist. Some psychiatrists focus only on prescribing medication, while others offer evaluations, diagnosis, and therapy. If you know what condition you are seeking treatment for, you can narrow your search to psychiatrists experienced in those conditions. Consider if you require a psychiatrist experienced in:

Depending on your diagnosis, you may want a psychiatrist who focuses on a specific type of therapy. Common options include interpersonal, cognitive, and dialectical behavior therapy.

Does Your Psychiatrist’s Gender Matter?

Finding the right psychiatrist depends on connection, and for some people, that may mean narrowing the search to the gender they are more comfortable speaking to. This may be especially important to those working through trauma or abuse. If you believe you will have an easier time opening up to a psychiatrist of a specific gender, opting for a psychiatrist of that gender may lead to better results.

Should I Meet a Psychiatrist Online or In-Person?

The good news is both offer similar results, so deciding between online or in-person sessions can be based on personal preference and needs. Telepsychiatry is convenient, offers access to more providers, and is often cheaper than traditional sessions. In-person therapy allows for better assessment of non-verbal cues and a neutral location. Depending on the severity of your diagnosis, in-person therapeutic support may be recommended for optimal results.

Other Considerations when Choosing a Psychiatrist

There are many considerations when choosing a great psychiatrist for yourself. To get the personalized psychiatrist care you deserve, here are a few questions to ask when researching or meeting a potential psychiatrist:

  • How soon are they accepting new patients?
  • Do their hours work with your schedule?
  • How many years of experience do they have?
  • Have they worked with patients similar to you?
  • How can they be contacted outside of your appointments?
  • How long are appointments?

What are the Signs my Psychiatrist is a Good Fit?

Once you choose a psychiatrist and start sessions, it’s important to remember you can change psychiatrists if they aren’t meeting your needs. You may find it challenging to open up to a psychiatrist without a connection, which can limit your progress. This lack of connection can come from cultural or gender differences, incompatible communication styles, or personality differences. A psychiatrist may be right for you at one point in your life but may not be helpful during a different phase. Some signs that your psychiatrist is a good fit include:

  • They make you feel comfortable. Comfort is key when it comes to opening up, and a good psychiatrist will make you feel seen, heard, and validated.
  • They remember the details of previous sessions. A good psychiatrist won’t frustrate you by repeating information. Each session should feel like a continuation of the previous one.
  • They give you choices – Your psychiatrist isn’t there to make decisions for you. Instead, they should guide you and encourage your input.
  • They challenge you—but not in a negative way. Change can be difficult, and sometimes, your psychiatrist’s questions or advice may be hard to hear.
  • You notice personal change – You should start to see small changes within a few sessions.

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