Telepsychiatry Services

Telepsychiatry Services
San Jose & Los Gatos, CA

It’s not always convenient to make it to the office when you need mental health care, whether you’re in San Jose, Los Gatos, or anywhere in California. That’s why Lumos Psychiatric Services offers telepsychiatry appointments so you can get the help you need on your schedule, no matter where you are.

Telepsychiatry Services in San Jose, CA

Why Telepsychiatry May Be The Right Choice For Your Mental Health Treatment

Convenience is the main reason that people choose telepsychiatry for their mental health needs. Not having to get dressed, get in the car, drive across town, and sit in a waiting room makes telepsychiatry the best choice for people with busy schedules, transportation issues, or who simply would rather have a more convenient option for getting the mental health care they need. 

Telepsychiatry might be the right choice for you if: 

  • You have children and getting childcare is an issue
  • You have mobility issues 
  • You do not have a car or have reliable transportation 
  • You live far from the office 
  • Your work/school schedule makes it difficult to make it to appointments 
  • You are a caretaker for someone who cannot be left alone 
  • You have social anxiety or agoraphobia 
  • You feel more comfortable talking to a psychiatrist in your own home 

    How Is Telepsychiatry Different From Traditional Psychiatry?

    The only difference between a traditional psychiatry appointment and a telepsychiatry appointment is how the appointment itself is conducted. With telepsychiatry, your appointment will be held via a secure video chat between you and your provider.

    Telepsychiatry can be used for individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, medication management, psychiatric evaluations, and more. Nearly anything that can be accomplished in a psychiatrist’s office can be done with telepsychiatry.

    Tele-psychiatry Services

    How Does A Telepsychiatry Appointment Work?

    Telepsychiatry appointments are easy, even if you’re not tech-savvy. Once you click the button below to schedule your appointment, a link to our secure video meeting software will be sent to your email address.

    At your scheduled date and time, you simply click on the link, and your video meeting will automatically open. Your doctor will be ready on the other side of the meeting to talk to you during your appointment.

    Is Telepsychiatry as Effective as Traditional Psychiatry?

    Evidence shows that telepsychiatry is just as effective as traditional psychotherapy. Patients report feeling comfortable using video to speak to their providers. Especially for people with social anxiety or autism, visiting their provider via video rather than in-person is especially beneficial, as it relieves the social pressure of interacting with numerous other people on the way to and before/after the appointment.

    Studies show that patients who choose telepsychiatry over in-office therapy sessions report just as much progress as their in-office counterparts. Plus, they are more likely to keep their appointments than people who must travel to the psychiatrist’s office, helping them adhere to the treatment schedule prescribed by their doctors.

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    Ready to schedule your telepsychiatry appointment?

    Dr. Sarbani Maitra and her team at Lumos Psychiatric Services provide telepsychiatry services to patients in San Jose, Los Gatos, and throughout California. Click the button below to schedule your telepsychiatry appointment now. The sooner you schedule, the sooner you can start feeling better.

    Dr. Maitra is awesome! I can't say enough about her. She cares about her patients and has a great team of co-workers. Swati goes above and beyond and handles extra tasks for me. More than recommended for anyone who wants a great professional at an accommodating clinic with a lovely team of staff members. Thanks for everything, guys!

    -A. A.

    I didn't want to consult a psychiatrist because my lifestyle demanded mental health therapy. I thought I could do it all, handle it all, and be the superwoman everyone thought I was and my family expected of me...anxiety and depression took over my life and I tried everything to rise above it. In my 20s, I was diagnosed with ADHD. Left untreated, the symptoms tormented my life and hurt people I loved. Dr. Maitra is compassionate and the best psychiatrist around. She helped me understand I had a biological imbalance, not just a mental illness. She gave me the strength to share my journey without shame. Dr. Maitra has also been helping me with other private concerns, so I'm confident and hopeful I can overcome these too. Her office is gorgeous and her team handles the important aspects! I would recommend her to anyone who needs a second or third opportunity, is hesitant about a diagnosis, fears judgment, or has lost hope!

    She's humble and kind. If you trust her, she can change your life too!

    -I. A.

    Dr Maitra is a genuine docter I have seenUntil now. She is giving me treatment forDepression. She is so Flexible and had been there for me every time I had a problem. She gives good medicine for depression.She is an amazing docter.
    I found Dr Maitra and her wonderful staff during the pandemic. She was one of the very few doctors who responded to my many emails. Dr. Maitra is one of a kind! She is compassionate, genuinely cares about her patients, and willing to meet them where they are to help them get well.
    I love Lumos. Not only is Dr. Maitra a caring, warm, smart and experienced Psychiatrist, her staff is also caring and efficient. Can't ask for a better team.
    Dr. Maitra is very caring, compassionate and concerned about patient health. My wife is her patient. Dr. Maitra is so sweet that my wife sees her niece in her.She understands the patient current and past situation and tries to accommodate and help and work around that.She doesn’t enforce her opinions and listens patiently about patient situations and prescribes medication that a patient can tolerate.She works with patient and not against. I am fortunate to have her treat my wife.I would highly recommend Dr. Maitra.
    Dr. Maitra is awesome! I can't say enough about her. She cares about her patients and has a great team of co-workers. Swati goes above and beyond and handles extra tasks for me. More than recommended for anyone who wants a great professional at an accommodating clinic with a lovely team of staff members. Thanks for everything, guys!
    I would highly recommend Dr. Maitra. She is the best psychiatrist i have come across. She listens so patiently, and her approach is so honest and remarkable.
    Lumos Clinical has been a God send for my Wife and I. Dr Maitra is someone who is extremely intelligent and qualified in her field and she is also very compassionate and understanding.She has a way of getting through to people, empathizing with them and really helping them. Then there is Riya, and if you are lucky enough to speak to her, you already know she exhibits the upmost compassion, empathy and care. She was a large reason I chose to take my Wife to Lumos and it led us to an amazing Dr and rest of staff.
    I cannot express how great my appreciation is for the staff and Doctors at Lumos Clinic. Dr Maitra and Swati have changed my view of psychiatric help because of their unending kindness and accommodation- I can schedule appointments over text increasing the likelihood I will get help. If you’re looking for help then I can’t recommend this clinic more. Dr Maitra has a diverse background working with a wide variety of patients, she’s incredibly smart, non-judgemental and has made the difference for me when other doctors in San Jose couldn’t.
    Dr Maitra has been treating our son who has an eating disorder. She is the first doctor that my son has liked and she has had a lot of successes with our son. She is flexible and hard working and her staff is very professional. She has good instincts and incites. Strongly recommended.
    Dr. Maitra is the most caring and compassionate doctor I have ever worked with. She takes her time to understand her patient's needs and is genuinely interested in helping her patients. She won't suggest a course of action that isn't in the patient's best interest. Her team is also amazing. Swati is on top of everything. She's literally the best administrator I've ever worked with. This clinic is the best, and I highly recommend them.
    Dr. Maitra And Her Staff Are The Most Effective Team. Dr. Maitra Takes Out Time To Personally Ensure The Well Being of Her Clients. Dr. Maitra Is Profesional And Compassionate. The Team Also Works Together With Care When Speaking With The Client And Scheduling Accurate Calendar Invitations!Thank You And Your Team For All You Do!Blessings!💙🔥🙏🏼💥✝️🦋💜
    Highly recommended! Dr Maitra is a great doctor and also she is very human and sensible to the patient concerns. 5 out of 5 stars definitely!
    Dr. Is the best in the world
    I was quite reluctant to find a psychiatrist becuase I just didn’t want to fathom That I needed mental health assistance in the way I lived my life. I thought I could do it all, cope with it all- be the super woman that others thought me to be and my family expected out of me…anxiety and at depression took over my life and I tried everything to rise above it all…. I was diagnosed with ADDHD in my twenties but had stopped taking medication because I didn’t want to jeopardize the health of my unborn babies as some of the ADDHD medication posed pre-natal issues as well as birth defects. ( I had 4 children during the course of this time period of my life ) but unresolved anxiety and symptoms of ADDHD kept haunting not just my life but negatively impacted those I loved the most. I knew I had to face the demons and bring resolve to live a more fruitful life and become the best version of myself!I conducted a ton of due diligence and my research lead me to dr Maitra. Dr Maitra diagnosed me quickly and came up with a treatment plan that worked. She is caring, kind and frankly the best psychiatrist anyone could find. She didn’t make me feel like I had a mental illness but that I had a chemical imbalance that needed to be dealt with . For ex diabetics need insulin due to an imbalance and I required medication due to the chemical imbalance I had in my genetic makeup.Because of her I have the courage to share my journey - I’m not afraid or ashamed to share. Dr maitra has been helping me with some other private issues and I have the confidence and hope that I will be able to over come these issues as well. Her office is beautiful and she has a staff that’s on top of the details that matter ! I highly recommend her to anyone that needs a second chance or third chance, for anyone that is unsure about a diagnosis, for anyone that feels the fear of being judged, for anyone that has lost hope!She’s down to earth and has a heart of Gold she changed my life and I’m sure she has the ability to change yours if you just take the leap of faith and trust her like I did!:)
    If you’re looking for a psychiatrist you have found one. Have been seeing her for 8 months and I highly recommend her. Despite a gap of several months she has been a rock to lean on. Throughout our sessions I continue to be surprised and impressed by her kindness, flexibility, manner and her ability to simplify seemingly complicated situations or emotional reactions. She is new to the area but her office is already growing and her awesome staff(Swati) are able to text to schedule or change appointments. We’ve only met via Microsoft teams but I feel closer to her than doctors I’ve met in person. Schedule with her she is non-judgemental and an extremely smart well-rounded person. You will love her!
    Wonderful Doctor. She listens carefully, never hurries and make you feel comfortable talking about your symptoms. Her support and medication helped me a lot. She patiently analyzed and treated my issue. Followup emails and scheduling is great. The staff are friendly and thorough about details.
    Dr. Maitra has remarkable listening skills. She understands her patients needs and partners with them to ensure good heath. I strongly recommend her and her conscientious team.
    I came to get my blood drawn and Kosar and Lina were really kind and professional. They explained every step and made sure I was comfortable and understood what was going on. Great staff👍🏼
    I have had the pleasure of being associated with Dr Maitra for some time now and seen how her patients react to her. The right support matters - here's a doctor who will put you first, be genuinely empathetic, be effective and has enabled her staff to provide a concierge level service that's focussed on patient care, comfort and bringing genuine relief. This is the ‘care’ in Health care that really matters and Dr. Maitra does it right!
    The best Doctor I’ve seen! She’s kind, she listened well , she works with you for your goals. She also went out of her way to help with treatment. I recommend her highly. Very practical and down to earth.
    Dr.maitra is very compassionate and caring towards her patients.I highly recommend her.
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    Dr. Sarbani Maitra,
    MD, Psychiatrist

    Meet Dr. Maitra

    Sarbani Maitra, MD is a board eligible psychiatrist. She has a Bachelors in Science from Tennessee Technological University in Chemistry leading up to her doctorate of medicine from the American University of the Caribbean Medical School. She then went on to gain clinical experience at Queen’s Hospital (erstwhile Old Church Hospital), London U.K. for a period of three years. She pursued her residency in Psychiatry at Meharry Medical College in Nashville Tennessee after working in research on women’s health issues at the Center of Women’s Health and Research. Dr Maitra has extensive experience working in both inpatient and outpatient settings managing patients across the spectrum with psychotic disorders, mood disorders, trauma-related disorders and patients struggling with substance use disorders. She believes in an integrated approach to mental health which includes the biopsychosocial approach. [Read More]