Substance Abuse Treatment and Counseling

Substance Abuse Treatment San Jose and Los Gatos, CA

One in 12 Americans struggles with substance abuse disorder. If you or someone you love is included in that number, know that you are not alone. Substance abuse affects people of every age, education level, location, race, and socioeconomic status. Lumos Psychiatric Services provides counseling and treatment to people in San Jose, Los Gatos, and the surrounding area. It is possible to overcome your addiction, and we can help.

Happy people benefitting from substance abuse treatment & counseling in San Jose & Los Gatos, CA
Happy woman benefitting from substance abuse treatment & counseling in San Jose & Los Gatos, CA

What is substance abuse disorder?

Substance abuse disorder, also called drug addiction, is a condition in which a person cannot control their use of a dangerous substance. In addition to illegal drugs, substance abuse disorder also refers to misuse of alcohol, nicotine, and prescription drugs.

What is substance abuse counseling?

Dr. Sarbani Maitra and her team work with patients who are struggling with substance abuse to help them gain greater understanding of their addictions so they can take control over them.

In substance abuse counseling, we help patients work through the complexity of the illness, which is often a multi-faceted condition with a variety of genetic and environmental factors. We understand the many obstacles to getting and staying clean, and we work with patients to get to the root of what’s driving their addition so we can treat the problem at its source.

Programs and Treatment

We custom tailor every substance abuse program we offer to meet each patient’s unique needs and lifestyle. Every person’s situation is different, so the treatment for substance abuse must be personalized to that individual’s needs. Some aspects of the substance abuse programs we recommend include:

  • Substance abuse counseling – Psychotherapy can help people struggling with substance abuse get to the root of what brought on their addiction and what obstacles are keeping them from staying sober.

  • Family counseling – Substance abuse in one member of a family affects every member of the family. We work with spouses, children, and family members of people with substance abuse issues to help them better understand their current reality, develop coping mechanisms to help maintain peace and harmony in the family, and deal with their own pain caused by the addiction.

  • Substance abuse medication – There are many substance abuse medications on the market today that can help curb cravings, stabilize moods, and address underlying mental health conditions that may be contributing to the addiction.

  • Lifestyle changes – In addition to the aspects listed above, certain lifestyle changes are proven to help people conquer their addictions. We will discuss the patient’s daily activities and typical stressors and help them find healthier ways to deal with stress and positive behaviors that build healthy patterns to help them beat their addiction.

You can reclaim your life from substance abuse

Anyone can get clean and stay sober. We’re here to help you reach that goal. Schedule your first appointment today, and start your journey toward a life where you are in control.

Dr. Maitra is very caring, compassionate and concerned about patient health. My wife is her patient. Dr. Maitra is so sweet that my wife sees her niece in her.She understands the patient current and past situation and tries to accommodate and help and work around that.She doesn’t enforce her opinions and listens patiently about patient situations and prescribes medication that a patient can tolerate.She works with patient and not against. I am fortunate to have her treat my wife.I would highly recommend Dr. Maitra.
Dr. Maitra is awesome! I can't say enough about her. She cares about her patients and has a great team of co-workers. Swati goes above and beyond and handles extra tasks for me. More than recommended for anyone who wants a great professional at an accommodating clinic with a lovely team of staff members. Thanks for everything, guys!
I would highly recommend Dr. Maitra. She is the best psychiatrist i have come across. She listens so patiently, and her approach is so honest and remarkable.
Lumos Clinical has been a God send for my Wife and I. Dr Maitra is someone who is extremely intelligent and qualified in her field and she is also very compassionate and understanding.She has a way of getting through to people, empathizing with them and really helping them. Then there is Riya, and if you are lucky enough to speak to her, you already know she exhibits the upmost compassion, empathy and care. She was a large reason I chose to take my Wife to Lumos and it led us to an amazing Dr and rest of staff.
I cannot express how great my appreciation is for the staff and Doctors at Lumos Clinic. Dr Maitra and Swati have changed my view of psychiatric help because of their unending kindness and accommodation- I can schedule appointments over text increasing the likelihood I will get help. If you’re looking for help then I can’t recommend this clinic more. Dr Maitra has a diverse background working with a wide variety of patients, she’s incredibly smart, non-judgemental and has made the difference for me when other doctors in San Jose couldn’t.
Dr Maitra has been treating our son who has an eating disorder. She is the first doctor that my son has liked and she has had a lot of successes with our son. She is flexible and hard working and her staff is very professional. She has good instincts and incites. Strongly recommended.

Dr. Sarbani Maitra,
MD, Psychiatrist

Meet Dr. Maitra

Sarbani Maitra, MD is a board eligible psychiatrist. She has a Bachelors in Science from Tennessee Technological University in Chemistry leading up to her doctorate of medicine from the American University of the Caribbean Medical School. She then went on to gain clinical experience at Queen’s Hospital (erstwhile Old Church Hospital), London U.K. for a period of three years. She pursued her residency in Psychiatry at Meharry Medical College in Nashville Tennessee after working in research on women’s health issues at the Center of Women’s Health and Research. Dr Maitra has extensive experience working in both inpatient and outpatient settings managing patients across the spectrum with psychotic disorders, mood disorders, trauma-related disorders and patients struggling with substance use disorders. She believes in an integrated approach to mental health which includes the biopsychosocial approach. [Read More]